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The Postgraduate Course in Consumer Law, prepared in accordance with the Regulations of Non Degree Courses of the University Portucalense, is the result of a partnership between the Department of Law of the UPT and the Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection - DECO.

The Postgraduate Course will be run by professionals who work daily with Consumer Law, as well as UPT teachers who guarantee the student not only a theoretical but also an empirical and eminently practical view.

Why choose this course?

The current market brings new challenges to all who participate in it. Faced with the growing implementation of new commercial practices, disruptive businesses and increasingly dynamic and innovative forms of contracting, it is urgent to provide all stakeholders with the information and professionalism necessary for the enlightened exercise of their rights.

On the other hand, the current economic, social and public health context challenges the legislator to find appropriate solutions that can meet consumer demands and, at the same time, ensure the financial sustainability of the Portuguese economic fabric.

For these reasons, this course aims to provide its recipients with specialized training in an area of law that is in broad growth, constantly changing, extremely important for the activity of companies and to ensure consumers the effective exercise of their rights.

Career Prospects

  • Company employees; Responsible for Customer Support Departments
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Arbitrators dedicated to resolving consumer disputes
  • Lawyers and Legal Consultants
  • Municipal technicians 
  • Recent graduates in Law or Solicitor 
  • Other professionals


At the end of the course students should acquire the skills to:

  • Be alert to the main challenges of the current market.
  • Contribute to the promotion of a better understanding of the rules of consumer legal relations.
  • Promote distinctive and differentiating elements through knowledge of the rules of consumer legal relations.
  • Know and participate in the mechanisms of alternative resolution of consumer disputes. 
  • Develop skills of practical resolution of consumer conflicts. 

Expected Timetable

The Post-graduate degree will work online

Academic Period:

From 24 March to 1 July 2023

The training will take place on Fridays between 6pm and 9pm and on Saturdays between 10am and 1pm.

Diploma or Certificate Awarded

A certificate of attendance will be issued to those who have attended at least 75% of the contact hours. The presentation and approval of a written assignment entitles the student to a certificate of attendance with the attribution of 16 ECTS.

Post-Graduate and Advanced Formative Offer

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[non-degree courses]

Study Plan


Module 1

Opening session. The evolution of today's consumer society. Emerging issues.

Module 2

The consumer of the XXI century. The evolution of the concept. The European Consumer Agenda.

Module 3

 The Consumer Protection Act.

Module 4

The current regime of sale of goods with guarantee.

Module 5

The current challenges and rules arising from the energy supply market.

Module 6

The electronic communications.

Module 7

The water supply market: quality of service and commercial relations.

Module 8

Contracts concluded at a distance and away from business premises. Commercial practices.

Module 9

The consumer's digital transition. E-Commerce and the intervention of electronic platforms.

Module 10

Case study presentation in a Role Playing context.

Module 11

Data protection from the consumer's perspective.

Module 12

The consumer in Banking: Consumer credit, housing credit and means of protection.

Module 13

Taxation in the legal relationship of consumption.

Module 14

The tourist consumer: package travel, local accommodation and flights.

Module 15

Mediation, conciliation and arbitration of consumer conflicts.

Module 16

Presentation of the final project.

The course is part of the Research Project "The Future of European and Transnational Civil Procedure - TRANS&EU_CIVPROC", belonging to the research line "Legal Integration in a Global Society" of   IJP - Portucalense Legal Institute

Fernanda Rebelo

Coordinator of the Post-graduate degree in Consumer Law

Tiago Pimenta Fernandes

Coordinator of the Post-graduate degree in Consumer Law

DL/ Department of Law

Post-graduate degree in Consumer Law

Fernanda Rebelo

Coordinator of the Post-graduate degree in Consumer Law

Tiago Pimenta Fernandes

Coordinator of the Post-graduate degree in Consumer Law

DL/ Department of Law

Post-graduate degree in Consumer Law

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Admission Requirements

General public with higher education background.

Application Period and Contacts


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