Post-Graduate Degree in Banking and Securities Law


5 months












  • Acquisition of specialised knowledge
  • Highly experienced teaching staff
  • Diversified and complete programmatic content

This course aims to train in a specialized way, in an area of law whose knowledge is not yet properly explored and established.

What is intended with this Postgraduation is to address in a complete and contemporary way these two areas of law.
The main and great advantage of this training is its faculty, composed not only by university professors who are researchers in the field, but also by professionals from both sectors, bringing and lending to their experience and bringing a more realistic and practical view of the dimensions studies.The course will work in a hybrid way, with online sessions and other face-to-face sessions.

Why choose this course?

Knowledge about Banking Law and Securities Law is of utmost importance for citizens in general, but especially for professionals in the field and for those who are now beginning to enter into professional life and encounter these issues.

With this training, its recipients will be endowed with the technical skills and knowledge essential for the proper performance of functions in the area of ??Banking and Securities Law.

Career Prospects

The recipients are all professionals who work or deal daily with banking and the Capital Market, and can deepen their knowledge in these areas. The main recipients are: lawyers, judges, financial intermediaries, senior technicians and bank employees, managers, entrepreneurs, etc ...


By attending this training, the recipients will be able to better understand the operation of banking and financial markets.

Expected timetable

The Postgraduate Degree will have both presential and online sessions.

Academic Period:

November 4, 2022 to April 1, 2023

The course will be held, as a rule, always on Fridays, from 6pm to 8pm and/or Saturdays from 10am to 12pm, from November 2022 to April 2023.

Diploma or Certificate Awarded

A certificate will be issued to those who have attended at least 75% of contact hours in the common trunk and 75% of contact hours in the selected module. The submission and approval of a written assignment entitles you to a postgraduate diploma with the award of 8 ECTS.

Post-Graduate and Advanced Formative Offer

[non-degree courses]

[non-degree courses]

Sessions Program
Course Program

  1. Promissory notes on promissory notes.
  2. Importance, requirements and challenges of the internal control system of credit institutions.
  3. Identification, management and control of risks in credit institutions.
  4. Guarantee Funds.
  5. Resolution Funds.
  6. Protection of deposits.
  7. The general banking relationship: Banking contracts and abusive contractual clauses.
  8. Banking secrecy.
  9. Banking contracts and change of circumstances.
  10. The mortgage credit granted to consumers.
  11. Bank guarantees.
  12. Non-performing loans.
  13. Smart Contracts and Blockchain.
  14. Product Governance.
  15. Securities: Issue, Placement and Transmission.
  16. Sanctions Regime of Securities.
  17. Public Offerings of Securities.
  18. The Regulation of Prospectuses and respective Delegated Regulations.
  19. Derivative Financial Instruments: types and modalities.
  20. Bank Interest Rates.
  21. Collective Investment Schemes: Investment Funds and Investment Companies.
  22. On illegitimate benefits in financial intermediation.
  23. Crimes against the market: abuse of information and market manipulation.
  24. Securitisation.
  25. Single Supervisory Mechanism. The banking supervision of the European Central Bank: general perspective and focus on the assessment of the suitability of the members of the banks' governing bodies.
  26. Information Security and Digital Operational Resilience in the financial sector: challenges and perspectives.
  27. Credit intermediation in consumer credit contracts.
  28. Bank resolution as a mechanism applicable to credit institutions with insufficient capital.
    Cryptocurrency vs. bank money.
  29. Fintech
  30. Global Banking
  31. Data protection
  32. Cyber security
  33. Internal Governance of Banks
  34. Mortgage Foreclosure and Home Ownership Protection

Study Plan
Study Plan 2022/2023
Banking and Securities Law

The research lines are developed in IJP - Portucalense Legal Institute, the scientific research centre in Legal Sciences of Portucalense University.
The IJP was accredited in the evaluation of the FCT and the European Science Foundation (ESF), being considered a driving force of economic and cultural development of the city of Porto.
The IJP favours an integrated and empirical approach to scientific research in Legal Sciences, relying on an international and multidisciplinary team.
Postgraduate students may have the opportunity, if they wish, to join a scientific research team on the topic of Regulation and Financial Literacy.

Maria Emilía Teixeira

Coordinator of the Postgraduate Degree in Banking and Securities Law

DL/ Departament of Law

Postgraduate Degree in Banking and Securities Law

Maria Emilía Teixeira

Coordinator of the Postgraduate Degree in Banking and Securities Law

DL/ Department of Law

Postgraduate Degree in Banking and Securities Law

Price List








450€* + 4x212,50€**

* payment upon enrolment
** payment one month after the beginning of the course

Admission Requirements

Bachelor's degree in:

  • Law;
  • Solicitors;
  • Economics;
  • Management;
  • and, also, students of these degrees and/or masters.

General Conditions for Application

Application period:

10 to 26 October 2022


Admission Office

Enquiries regarding the application can be made by:
email ( or
Phone (800 270 201)

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