The main objective of the International Credited Mobility (ICM) project is the consolidation of cooperation between UPT and Higher Education Institutions (HEI) outside the European Union (EU), in particular to promote the mobility of incoming students and the sharing of best practices through the mobility of teachers and staff.

ICM 2019 - 2022: Ongoing project (USA)

Incoming Staff Mobility

07 – 15 Jul 2021

  • Open lecture for the 2nd Cycle of studies in Clinical and Health Psychology
    1. by Professor Carrie Masia, Montclair State University (MST) School-based intervention for social anxiety disorder: skills for academic and social success
    2. by Professor Samantha Coyle (MST) Positive and Negative Aspects of Peer Relationships in Adolescence

Evaluation and Dissemination

Testimony of a UPT Professor

Open classes allow teachers and students to approach knowledge and share experiences directly with other protagonists from various contexts, in this case Psychology. When this approach is at an international level, for students, this experience often validates what they learn at University, and for teachers, it is undoubtedly a moment when different perspectives and ideas can be discussed, allowing them to constantly improve as teachers and researchers. The open lecture by Prof Carrie Masia and Samantha Coyle, from Montclair State University, on social anxiety in adolescents and psychological intervention in the school context, was undoubtedly one of these moments.
Sara Fernandes

Testimonials from UPT Students

Activities such as lectures with renowned researchers from other countries are very enriching. These allow us to develop our skills and gain new points of view, expanding our network of knowledge.
Vânia Araújo
Master's student, Health and Clinical Psychology, UPT
Being able to present my research project to colleagues at Montclair State University, and the sharing of ideas that followed, was an extremely enriching experience. I was able to receive opinions and considerations from these colleagues who are not only experts in different fields of knowledge than mine, thus complementing my vision, but also come from a different country and culture. Even, thanks to this sharing, I identified some details in my project that I had never considered before and that I could thus reformulate and improve. Overall, it was a very useful opportunity for my development as a researcher and for which I am grateful.
Lúcia Tavares
PhD candidate, Clinical and Counselling Psychology, UPT

Virtual Class

15 December 2020, from 5pm to 7pm, by Dr Samantha Coyle from Montclair State University, USA.

Samantha Coyle – Profile Pages – Montclair State University

Topic: ‘Comprehensive psychological assessment within schools’, aimed at UPT undergraduate and masters students in psychology.

Ongoing research projects

– Cross-cultural exploration of digital stress in emerging adulthood

– Adjustment to pandemic COVID19 in young adults: cross-cultural analysis of subjective experiences and protective factors

– The impact of pandemic COVID19 on social anxiety during adolescence and youth


ICM 2018-2020

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ICM Incoming Students mobility from Jinggangshan University, Ji'an, Republic of China

Yetong Zhang, Erasmus+ ICM (International Credit Mobility) student at Jinggangshan University, Ji’an, Republic of China, working in Biodiversity- Centro Ciência Viva, Porto

In 2018, the UPT Conservation and Restoration Clinic was requested by the services of the Biodiversity Gallery – Living Science Centre / Museum of Natural History and Sciences of the University of Porto to carry out some maintenance and restoration work of teaching materials such as replicas and models of fish, birds and little soldiers that are part of the permanent exhibition of the gallery.

There were small resin soldiers with fractures in their feet and one or another situation of detachment or loss of elements that were restored in the UPT Restoration Clinic.

The group of suspended animals, namely a goldfish, a lungfish and a waterfowl, modelled with foam and covered with epoxy putty, showed some damage, such as: small gaps in the waterfowl’s wing, and in the fin of the goldfish. The most serious damage was in the lungfish that presented body detachment in the right pectoral fin and fracture in the right pelvic fin and also flaws in the terminal part of the body, in the tail and above all serious gaps in the lateral elements of the respiratory apparatus. The aim of the intervention was to physically stabilize all the pieces, closing and consolidating the cracks, repositioning the fractured elements and reconstituting missing parts, legitimized with photographic support. All the restoration took place in the museum, as there were some immovable pieces.

The work was carried out by Yetong Zhang, an Erasmus + ICM student from Jinggangshan University in Ji’an, Republic of China, who did this internship at the Clinic and Museum while studying at UPT between September 2018 and February 2019.

Internship carried out by the students Yongan Xue. Xiaoxue Chen and Yi Ding at the Conservation and Restoration Centre of UPT, from September 2019 to February 2020

Testimony by internship’s tutor, Dr. Nuno Farinhote

The intervention was attended by students Yongan Xue. Xiaoxue Chen and Yi Ding, Erasmus+ ICM students (…) during their internship at the Clínica. They were responsible, in particular, for the work of reconstitution of the missing elements and structural reinforcement with the application of liquid plaster and gauze. In general, the experience was very positive and even rewarding from the point of view of learning, the transmission of knowledge and cultural exchange. The students were always exceptionally cooperative and able to learn quickly, understanding the processes, carrying out the tasks to the end and in the appropriate sequences. They developed a certain critical and operational capacity, even suggesting small changes according to the problems they encountered. They showed an extraordinary capacity for understanding all the processes related to the subject of their training period, trying to clearly know the history and nature of the manufacture and use of plaster, as well as all kinds of methodologies and their variants, in a more general perspective of conservation and restoration interventions. They demonstrated an excellent capacity for integration in teamwork and interaction with the supervisor, with great curiosity and an excellent ease of communication, willingly exchanging experiences and showing a desire to know and integrate. The linguistic and cultural differences were never an impediment to interact (…) but rather a factor of human enrichment and promoter of diversity in knowledge.

Students in outgoing mobility to State University of New York - Potsdam


Since I came to the United States of America I have had an amazing time, I have met new people who have helped me a lot, my English has also improved a lot and I have learned a lot about this new culture. It has been a great experience and even with the ups and downs it has led me to excellent opportunities for the future and I deeply appreciate the opportunity to be here. All the efforts needed to make this project possible were worth it.

Beatriz Soares

My name is Bruno Teixeira and I am one of the UPT University students studying in the United States of America. The university I am currently at, thanks to the ERAMUS+ programme, is called SUNY Potsdam. This university, located in the state of New York, is quite big and a great place to get knowledge. The amount of work they give you here is pretty intense, but I’ve learned a lot from the experience I’m having here so far and I’m enjoying it. The infrastructure is amazing. It snows a lot, but the residences are big and cosy. There are three restaurants to choose from and this university has its own gym and pool. Everyone is kind at this university and I’ve made a lot of friends. This is being a great experience in my life and I will never forget these moments.

Bruno Teixeira

I am a Hospitality Management student at Universidade Portucalense and I am studying in the United States at SUNY Potsdam University in the ICM program. It has been a fantastic experience, very different minds from the ones I was used to in Portugal, different teaching methods and above all the demand is much higher but all teachers and students welcomed me and it is worth it! I strongly advise everyone interested in this experience as it will certainly change the way the world comes!

Pedro Pinho

Students in Incoming Mobility from State University of New York, Potsdam

Under the Erasmus + – International Credit Mobility programme, the American student Cara Aguirre, 35, originally from California and studying in New York, chose Universidade Portucalense to do an international study experience in the areas of Tourism and Culture. She did an internship at Quinta do Noval and dreams of “one day owning a vineyard”.

In May last year, Cara visited the Universidade Portucalense for the first time, to take part in the international conference “Climate change and Wine Tourism – the view of experts on Agriculture, Tourism and Wine Tourism”, where she presented a paper, as a student from Potsdam University in New York. The hospitality she felt at that moment challenged her to learn more about Portuguese culture. Recognising the opportunity, she applied for the Erasmus programme and arrived at UPT in September.

She recalls that she found “very welcoming students, very attentive teachers and a different teaching”. She considers that “Portuguese education deals with practical issues, while education in the United States focuses more on research work, debates and evaluations. In Portugal, the education system prepares students to be successful in the field they plan to work in. I believe this is a great advantage!”

Integrated in the Tourism degree (3rd year), she did an internship at Quinta do Noval. “I worked with Portuguese colleagues, which was very important for me. I really wanted to learn the language and this opportunity allowed me to learn a lot about the culture and history of Portugal.”

Passionate about Porto, she carries in her heart “the churches, the banks of Vila Nova de Gaia, the Estádio do Dragão and the Aliados” and leaves us with her favourite quote: “A positive attitude can really make dreams come true”.

First day of welcome for Incoming students 2019 from SUNY, 11 Sept. 2019

Cara Aguirre, Erasmus+ ICM Incoming student, from SUNY, USA, doing a 3 months study mobility, is doing an internship at Quinta do Noval, one of the partner entities of Universidade Portucalense. Portucalense.

The reception of tourists at Quinta do Noval has also been carried out since September and until November by an American student from the state of New York..

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