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Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique is a cooperative higher education and scientific research establishment

Ease of Studying at UPT

UPT is concerned with finding solutions so that everyone can study and successfully complete the academic path.


Quality Promotion

 (Only candidates of the 1st and 2nd stage of the institutional tender will be considered)

For students who have concluded secondary education with a final average not less than sixteen points, without resorting to rounding, and who enrol in each of the 1st year courses of the 1st study cycle taught at Portucalense University (attribution of 2 scholarships to the 1st year of each course, to the highest average).

Academic Merit

Students of each academic year and of each of the 1st and 2nd study cycle courses taught at Portucalense University, who were enroled at the University in the previous academic year and who obtain a minimum classification of fourteen points, without resorting to rounding, in the immediately preceding academic year (attribution of 1 scholarship to each of the 1st and 2nd study cycle courses, to the highest average. For the 1st cycle the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years are covered. For the 2nd cycle, only the 1st year is included).

Economic need and in return for the providing of services

They are an opportunity to participate in the University activities.

All the scholarships consist in the partial reduction of the attendance fee, or in the attribution of other benefits.

Further information at: Social Support Office

School Insurance

As long as the enrolment is valid, students are covered by a wide range of associated insurances, which, in addition to the basic cover (school personal accidents), includes:

  1. health and medical care coverage
  2. personal accidents (death and disability) of the person liable to pay the tuition feesrisks of unemployment and sick leave (person responsible for paying the school fees).

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UPT offers special conditions to its ex-students who have completed a degree course at UPT, exempting them from the payment of the application to another course.

Case by Case Analysis

Payment in 11 months rather than 10 – making the monthly fee lighter.

Family Support

Attendance by members of the same household benefits the second one with a 20% fee reduction, and from the third one with a 40% reduction.

Various Protocols

Portucalense University has signed protocols with various professional unions and associations that allow the benefit of a 5% reduction on enrolment and 5% on tuition fees for members, spouses and children on degree courses. List of institutions with protocols

Other Paths

Part-time students

If you do not have time to attend classes every day, the part-time regime allows you to take a slower route. You can enrol in course units whose sum of ECTS does not exceed 50% of the maximum number of ECTS that a full-time student is allowed to enrol in, allowing you to finish the course in more time.

Attendance of curricular units of other courses

In the current context, the 2nd cycle/Master’s degree brings essential competitive advantages for entering the labour market, or career progression. According to DL 107/2008, students enrolled in a study cycle may be allowed to enrol in course units of subsequent study cycles. Start thinking about other options for the future and enrol in course units of a 2nd cycle at Portucalense University.

Investment in a Master

If you have completed or are completing a degree at UPT, it’s time to apply – apply, free of charge, for one of the 2nd cycle courses – get information on the skills to be acquired and the advantages in the professional outlets, from the course coordinator.

Recognition and crediting of academic and professional skills

The University, through its Regulation of recognition and crediting of competences credits in its study cycles competences acquired through professional experience and other training obtained through non-formal learning paths, as well as training carried out within the scope of other higher education study cycles in national or foreign higher education institutions, both those obtained within the framework of the organization arising from the Bologna Process and those obtained previously.


Initiatives of the DGHE- Directorate General for Higher Education

Scholarships which are based on family income: Further information at www.dges.gov.pt

Merit Scholarships

Merit-based scholarships are awarded by public and private higher education institutions to students with outstanding performance, regardless of their income, in accordance with the Regulation on the Award of Merit-based Scholarships to Students from Higher Education Institutions – Order No. 13531/2009 . Further information Here

Loans with mutual guarantee

The loan with mutual guarantee is a system that can be accessed by all students without the need for any guarantee or guarantor since this guarantee is provided by the Portuguese State. Students can use this credit system in participating banks.

Main advantages for the student:

  1. A very long grace period: this means that they will only start repaying the amount borrowed several years after the end of the course.
  2. The amount borrowed is released in step with the fees. This means that the interest payable will only be on the capital released.
  3. Very low interest rate: it really depends on the student’s average.
  4. No guarantees or guarantors are required.

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