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Fernando Ramos


Ferrão Filipe

Vice-Reitor para a área de Ensino

Jorge Leite

Vice-Reitor para a área de Investigação

Strategic Council

    1. The Strategic Council is the University’s guiding body and, in articulation with the Institution, it is responsible for establishing the connection with the community and defining the University’s strategic guidelines.
    2. The Strategic Council is made up of an odd number of members, including
      • President of the EI Board of Directors
      • Heads of Departments;
        Up to seven external personalities co-opted by the remaining members, by simple majority;
      • The president of the Students’ Association;
      • The president of the Old Students’ Association.
    3. The President of the Strategic Council will be elected by its members, by simple majority, and will have a casting vote
    4. The Strategic Council will meet at least twice a year and the President may convene other meetings.
    5. The Strategic Council shall also elect the Vice Chair that will replace the Chair in his/her impediments.

Members of the Strategic Council

Rector – Fernando Ramos

Chairman of the Board of Directors – Armando Jorge Carvalho

President of the Students’ Association – João Pedro Vieira da Câmara

President of the Alumni Association –  Isabel Bourbon

Director DTCP –  Isabel Freitas 

Director DD – Maria Manuela Magalhães Silva

Director DPE – Alexandra Araújo Mendes

Director DCT –  Paulo Morais

Director DEG –  Shital Jayantilal

Director DAMG – Mariana Correia

Directors of Departments

Directors of Research Units

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