The influence of visual environments on learning

Video Pedro Rodrigues, Researcher at Portucalense Institute for Human Development, presents the project “VisEnLearn” which aims to “explore the influence of (ir)relevant visual environments on the learning of school children”. School-age children are continuously exposed to classrooms with several visual elements, such as drawings, maps and graphs, placed on the wall, which aim to stimulate […]

Conference on the study and design of city streets

On 18th November, Portucalense University promotes the first international conference “The Future Design of Streets”, in Porto, with the purpose of sharing views on the challenges facing the design of streets and the city. The aim of the conference, which will be held at the headquarters of ANJE, is to discuss the visions of future […]

Vice-Rectors, Departmental Directors and Research Unit Directors take office

On 21st October, the Vice-Rectors, Departmental Directors and Research Unit Directors took office. They assumed their functions last February, when they were nominated by the Board of Directors. The Rectory, headed by Fernando Ramos, is composed of António Ferrão Filipe, Vice-Rector for Teaching, and Jorge Leite, Vice-Rector for Research. The Departments are headed by: Mariana […]

Number of students grows once again

On September 19th, Portucalense University hosted the new students with a welcome program that included presentations of the Departments, the Academic Services and the Student Centres. In the late afternoon, the Aula Magna was the stage for the Institutional Welcome Session. [Vídeo] “This is the beginning of a university journey that is also intended to […]

Research advances in Paraguay

Professors and researchers Jorge Marques, Helena Albuquerque and Makhabbat Ramazanova participated in the I National Conference in Paraguay and III Training in person of the Project “INNOVA – Promoting Research Management at Higher Education Institutions in Bolivia and Paraguay”, which took place between 29 August and 3 September, at the National University of Asunción, in Paraguay.

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