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Architecture and Urbanism final-year students honored

Anxo Sequeiros, Javier Piñeiro and Raúl López, final-year students on the Integrated Master’s Degree in Architecture and Urbanism, won second place in the “Designing in Wood 2023” competition organised by the Portuguese Wood and Derivatives Construction Association.

The premise of this competition was to design a house that responded to the new models of multicultural and multifamily living, making the spaces and programme as flexible as possible, as well as adding new constructions according to needs, and adding parameters of sustainability and constructive rationality.

The team from Universidade Portucalense presented the MadeirA-ArtE – MAAE proposal, which “worked on designing a modular house that could grow, both horizontally and vertically, with total freedom inside,” the students explain.

“To do this, the proposed system grows on a cubic structural grid, which can be expanded indefinitely and on which the CLT timber system and carpentry are based. This system can be placed on the ground itself or erected on a unique parametric structure with a forest of pillars, which hide the lifting mechanisms and facilities”.

Small mobile modules have also been designed for the interior space, housing the kitchen, the bathroom, the sauna, or the home theatre.  To provide privacy, each area has movable partitions hidden between fixed closets.

The award ceremony took place on 7 June in Guimarães.


Architecture and Urbanism final-year students honored
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