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Research advances in Paraguay

Professors and researchers Jorge Marques, Helena Albuquerque and Makhabbat Ramazanova participated in the I National Conference in Paraguay and III Training in person of the Project “INNOVA – Promoting Research Management at Higher Education Institutions in Bolivia and Paraguay”, which took place between 29 August and 3 September, at the National University of Asunción, in Paraguay. 

Jorge Marques addressed the educational policies in Europe and their impact on curriculum development with a focus on the Bologna process. Helena Albuquerque presented the research carried out within the research networks on climate change. Finally, Makhabbat Ramazanova shared the impact of climate change on wine landscapes.

In the scope of the III Live Training of the “INNOVA” Project, lecturers from the Universidade Portucalense and the Universidade de Alicante moderated the session around the Research and Development methodology of the study plans of the Higher Education Institutions.

The objective was to reinforce the capacities of the elements that integrate the Research Management units, the technical teams of the project, as well as the executives of the partner universities regarding the integration of Research and Development methodologies in the different study plans, as well as to start the preparation of the creation of the INNOVA network, focused on the management of research in climate change.

On the last day, in addition to the consortium meeting, the lecturers made a technical visit to the Biosphere Reserve and the Itaipu Dam, where they learned about the mitigation measures being implemented for the conservation and protection of the biodiversity of the ecosystems present in the area of the dam’s construction and operation.


Research advances in Paraguay
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