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European Project VERSUS+ “Heritage for People”


Mariana Correia, Director and Researcher of the Research Centre Gallaecia – CIG, integrates the European Project “VERSUS+ | Heritage for People” focused on conservation and dissemination of tangible and intangible heritage associated with vernacular architecture. 

VERSUS+ continues the dissemination of knowledge produced by the European Project “VerSus | Lessons from Vernacular Heritage to Sustainable Architecture,

coordinated by Mariana Correia and the CIG team, between 2012 and 2014. VerSus’ main goal was to identify the principles of vernacular architecture, exploring new ways of applying these principles to contemporary sustainable architecture. The VERSUS+ project makes different sectors of society aware of the importance of this same vernacular heritage for a more sustainable contemporary architecture.

The European project VERSUS+ is co-financed by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, coordinated by the Universitat Politécnica de Valencia, with the partnership and active contribution of Portucalense University, Florence University, Cagliari University and the Higher National School of Architecture of Grenoble. The project ends in September 2023.


European Project VERSUS+ “Heritage for People”
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