Projects Social Responsability

Good Food Hubs aims to encourage healthy, sustainable and local food in Porto.
Soon we will have weekly/fortnightly events of food delivery/sale and baskets of organic products.
This is a project that our institution is honoured to support!

Within the scope of a protocol between Universidade Portucalense and  U.Dream( ) we will offer:

  • A training to develop social leadership skills (programme description), to a group of students who apply and have been selected, as previously disclosed;
  • A Social Leadership Bootcamp with direct intervention with the students, lasting 12 hours and up to 30 students;
  • Collaboration in a Curricular Unit (CU) aiming at the development of Community Leadership skills in a harmonized way with the priority pedagogical objectives of the UC, with direct intervention with students, in articulation with the teacher in charge, and with a minimum duration of 9 hours.


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