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Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique is a cooperative higher education and scientific research establishment

Debating Society UPT

The Debating Society of Portucalense University (SDUPT) is a non-profit association, based at the premises of the University (UPT), founded in the academic year 2019/2020 and led by students of this educational institution.

Similarly to its counterparts, its scope is related to University Competitive Debate, and it organises activities intrinsically linked to argumentation, rhetoric and improvisation skills, the development of critical thinking, public speaking and communication, addressing topics considered pertinent and important of current affairs, which result in an intellectual and cultural enrichment.

At the moment, the SDUPT is about three years old and has 64 Associates enrolled, all of them UPT students, assigned to graduation courses in other areas of education.


To promote critical thinking and spirit, democracy, argumentation and rhetoric and public speaking and, consequently, the scientific and intellectual enrichment of the Associates, through a civilised and respectful conduct inherent to the activities carried out.


Raise the SDUPT as a true associative reference in the internal context, with an active and close presence of the UPT students, and a dignifying conduct of the educational institution that shelters it and made its existence possible.

A different paradigm, that prioritizes the true interest of UPT students in a dynamics that encompasses the other teaching areas and, consequently, is reflected in an increase in the number of SDUPT Associates.


  • Freedom – Of expression and opinion, always maintaining an appropriate and civilised posture for the effect.
  • Independence – From any ideologies and organisations, be they political, religious or similar.
  • Equality – Of gender and opportunity.
  • Solidarity – Reflecting the team spirit, integration and coordination inherent to this student body.
  • Transparency – Imperative in any democratic and organisational culture, and a symbol of trust and professionalism.
  • Tolerance – In relation to opposing opinions and arguments, as well as to diversity in different contexts.



Jéssica Eiras


Filipa Rodrigues


Ana Sofia Teixeira


Mafalda Monteiro

General Secretary

Clara Teixeira


Board of the General Meeting

Juliana Soares


Vitor Sousa


Diogo Ferreira


Fiscal Council

Rodrigo Flambó


Diana Brandão


Ana Beatriz Santiago


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