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Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique is a cooperative higher education and scientific research establishment

Pedagogical Innovation Office – Mission and Objectives

Higher Education is currently facing, at a global level, a wide range of challenges that converge in the reflection on the models of training offers in the various study cycles, exploring theoretical and methodological approaches aimed at improving training effectiveness and for curricular, temporal and spatial flexibility in the organisation of the teaching/learning processes, also taking advantage of the potential of digital mediation technologies.

The Rectorate of the Universidade Portucalense (UPT), in articulation with the Administration of the Institution, is aware of these challenges and considers it a strategic priority to promote the alignment of the teaching/learning policies and practices adopted in the training offer of the UPT with the most current international knowledge and recommendations in this field.

Aware that this strategic design requires the definition of plans and concrete intervention actions aimed at the progressive adoption of new models of teaching/learning organisation, supported by active teaching/learning methodologies, which imply the prior qualification of human resources, both teaching and technical, of the UPT, as well as the support to the implementation of these models and methodologies and the monitoring of the results, indispensable to quality assurance, the Pedagogical Innovation Office of Portucalense University was created.


  • Develop proposals and plans for the adoption of flexible teaching/learning models, aligned with the best international and internal practices and with the applicable legislation, for the different types of training offer at UPT;
  • Propose training courses, within UPT’s human resources training programme, for teachers and other UPT staff to ensure that they have the appropriate pedagogical and technical skills to implement the teaching/learning models adopted at UPT;
  • Support the Department Directors, the Coordinators of study cycles and other training activities, and, in general, the UPT teachers, in the pedagogical organization of the study cycles and other training activities in line with the teaching/learning models adopted at UPT;
  • Accompany and support teachers in the curricular design of study plans and materials of the study cycles of the units and training modules, in line with the teaching/learning models adopted at UPT;
  • To follow up and monitor the results obtained in the actions that will be developed;
  • To create discussion and pedagogical practice sharing networks, supporting the teachers’ professional development;
  • To identify the need to reinforce the human and technical resources required to pursue the strategic goal underlying the creation of the Office;
  • Disseminate relevant information about pedagogical innovation and digital transformation of Higher Education, both nationally and globally.
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