Universidade Portucalense – Infante D. Henrique

Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique is a cooperative higher education and scientific research establishment

Mário Rodrigues – testimonial

In a market so lacking in good professionals, such as wine and food and winegastronomy, with all that is associated with it, the investment of the Tourism department of Portucalense University in training courses such as this Short Master Sommelier is a definite plus. With a concept that revolves around excellent professionals as monitors, covering several complementary areas, it was created a fun professional training action with an effective relationship with practical reality, which makes this Short Master desirable and unique in its overall concept. A vinic and enogastronomic training course that meets the needs of the national and international market.

Mário Rodrigues

Mário Rodrigues

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