Universidade Portucalense – Infante D. Henrique

Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique is a cooperative higher education and scientific research establishment

Volunteering Projects

Projects for the beginning of the academic year

To support and care for the families of children in hospital treatment, with their comfort and well-being.

Mentoring Programme (Make It Happen Mentoring), which contributes to and stimulates the students’ guiding compass, increasing the probability of successful school paths. It contributes to providing the same opportunities to all children and young people.

ICT workshop, in collaboration with Paranhos Parish Council (Oct to June) – digitally empowering people with a lower level of literacy

It promotes potential relationships that raise ambitions and future opportunities, based on the creation of an interdisciplinary network of mentors (university students) who guide, train and inspire children and young people, especially those from fragile social environments.

Projects throughout the academic year

Animal rescue and rehabilitation


It fights hunger, poverty and social exclusion on a daily basis.

Promotes mental health in the community and the rehabilitation and social integration of people with experience of mental illness; supports carers; contributes to mental health policy-making.

It helps homeless people, families at risk or families in need through social solidarity actions, providing close contact, food, clothing and social reintegration services, regardless of social status, ethnicity, religion or gender.

Aimed at social intervention, preferably with the community of the Parish of S. Nicolau, in Porto.

It intervenes with families and people in a situation of vulnerability and social exclusion, investing in the promotion of their full development, promoting their empowerment, strengthening and autonomy, mainly through prevention and in the natural environment of life.

Its mission is to implement an integrated and decentralised policy for the areas of sport and youth, collaborating with public and private entities, namely with sports bodies, youth and student associations and local authorities.

Promotes Social, Solidarity and Sustainable Development, Education and Culture, Art and Sports, with Ecumenical Spirituality, so that there is Socio-environmental Awareness, Food, Security, Health and Work for all.

Carrying out CED (Capture, Sterilise and Return) programmes in colonies and packs of wild animals (which do not appreciate human contact), supporting people in need to sterilise their pets and community animals protected by them, and raising the awareness of the general population on the need to sterilise their domestic animals, be they male or female.

Free of charge and anonymously, soup and bread is offered to the homeless of Porto and to all people who need this light meal.

Protection of Abandoned Animals

It has a mission to reduce the negative stigma of Autism until it is understood and accepted by all.

SOCIALIS is a Social Solidarity Association, created in 2001, with the objective of promoting and guiding young people and their families in their personal and social integration and enhancement. Socialis is developing a set of social responses, namely: the CATL – Free Time Activity Centre, the CAV – Life Support Centre and the CLAIM – Local Centre for Support to Migrant Integration.
The Association develops social intervention projects in the territory of Bonfim, Porto, with the goal of empowering children and their families who are in a situation of socio-economic vulnerability. The project My Place in the World develops a personalized work at the level of the child/youth with the ultimate goal of providing answers to their specific needs, accompanying their educational, social and family process until their integration into active life. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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