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Informatics student on humanitarian adventure

Diogo Moreira, a third-year student of the Degree in Computer Science, is preparing to participate in UNIRAID, a great international humanitarian adventure for students.

Between 8 and 16 October, Diogo Moreira will take part in a nine-day journey in the Moroccan desert at the wheel of a Toyota Corolla with 30 years on the road. 

“It’s not a rally, nor is it a speed trial,” explains Diogo. “This is an adventure trip in which the participants must complete six stages navigating with only a ‘road book’, a compass and a map, going around all kinds of obstacles, challenges and tests, with the aim of crossing Morocco, from north to south, and delivering at least forty kilograms of solidarity material in the desert villages,” he details.

UNIRAID has as its main objective the solidarity and the help to the populations of the Moroccan desert villages, promoting the team spirit and the union of the participants and the organization of the race. 

“I have always liked cars and from a young age, through education and the values passed on to me, I have been involved in solidarity causes, such as Mission Country and the Food Bank.”

Diogo will share this adventure with Leandro Moutinho, “a long time friend”, student of International Commerce at the Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração do Porto. 

The team is called “Blessed Wheels” and is sponsored by Portucalense University.

Informatics student on humanitarian adventure
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