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Association of Solicitors’ Students


The continuation of NESUPT (Association of Solicitor´s Students) is now affirmed in the mandate for the academic year 2021/2022, committing itself to attend to all the specific needs inherent to the Solicitor´s Students.

The reasons that motivated the association to affirm itself in the mandate for the 2021/2022 academic year are, precisely, to give continuity, so that the Solicitor´s Students of this so prestigious university have someone who represents them, who gives them a voice and, above all, someone who continues to dynamize and dignify the Solicitor´s course.

The dynamization of the Solicitor´s course involves primarily  bringing the student closer to the multiple job opportunities that the area of Solicitance has to offer. We also intend to be the active voice of Portucalense University Law students.

Objectives to be achieved:

  • Dynamize the Careers UPT day, inviting Solicitors and Enforcement Agents societies to Career UPT, in order to increase the job offer to the students of the Solicitor course.Briefing sessions to all solicitor students at the Portucalense University, in order to create more motivation and socializing for future exchange of ideas that may occur in the scope of the association´s performance, helping in a certain way the integration of our students and bringing them closer together.
  • Solicitors’ Day at the Portucalense University.


Luana Gomes


Daniela Ferraz


Maria Inês Fonseca

General Secretary

Fátima Cruz


Luana Gomes


Rodrigo Silva


Mariana Barros


Ana Isabela Araújo


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