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Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique is a cooperative higher education and scientific research establishment

Sérgio Salinas – Testimonial

After searching for my perfect course for a few years, I came across the Degree in Social Education almost 8000 km away from home. I am an international student from Honduras, a country with numerous social conflicts and high poverty. Since I was a child I have been sensitive to the situation around me, and through volunteering initiatives to support the community, I have learnt that doing good for others is good for me.
But the professional world did not give me the opportunity to connect this vocation with my work, until I found that being a Social Educator is the fulfilment of that dream. I want to be able to help those on the margins of society and show the world that yes, we can and must change.
Studying at Portucalense University motivates me more to reach my goal. I feel and see my knowledge growing through the tools and skills that I will develop throughout the course and that, I am sure, will allow me to be a professional of excellence. This is only possible thanks to our spectacular teaching staff and by the practice we have from the beginning, with project-based teaching that is combined with theory.
I am happy to have chosen this course and this institution to entrust my future to.


Sergio Salinas

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