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Elisabete Costa – Testimonial

I chose the Degree in Social Education at UPT because for me it was fundamental to help build or improve someone’s world. I was far from knowing that, in this way, I would constantly change my world too. In this sense, the Degree in Social Education at the UPT became an asset for the performance of my daily duties as a Higher Technician of Social Education, because by contacting the various work contexts I realized that it was essential to use the theoretical component explored during the Degree, in order to become a true socio-educational agent that supports the promotion of change and individual and collective flourishing. Every day I realise that it is sine qua non for the TSES to play different roles, among which I highlight the following Social Mediator; Social Pedagogue – promoter of a multicultural, inclusive and solidary citizenship; Promoter of a collaborative and co-constructed work, generator of positive and significant changes; Promoter of equal opportunities and social justice; Creative, optimistic, proactive Technician; Technician with social responsibility and a Technician of the human relationship, who allows himself to create relationships and to build and support different “Worlds”.
To conclude, to mention that it is fundamental to have the necessary motivation and predisposition to continue to grow and flourish, in order to “(…) Leave the world a little better than you found it.” (Robert Baden-Powell), because as TSES I have the privilege of assuming it as my mission in the World.

Higher Technician in Social Education
Postgraduate Degree in Education and Social Intervention: Psychosocial Action in Contexts of Risk


Elisabete Costa

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