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Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique is a cooperative higher education and scientific research establishment

Daniela Rodrigues – Testimonial

Going to University was not part of my plans, until experiences in my life led me to want to “make a difference” and I can say that being in the third year as a final year student of the degree in Social Education, “making a difference” continues to make me go further, but to go further, you also need to feel accompanied and welcomed on this journey, because studying in higher education is a journey that requires accompaniment, comfort, and it was something I felt and have felt since day one, at Universidade Portucalense Infante D.Henrique (UPT). When they talk about a second family, I can associate it to Portucalense University, because this university together with the excellent body of teachers of this degree in question, become a guideline and guide for this remarkable phase of our lives. Studying Social Education at Portucalense University is undoubtedly a choice I would make over and over again.

“Making a difference” led me to search for the right degree to achieve my goals, and here Social Education appeared. With this degree, we were able to associate theory to praxis, we were able through the two curricular internships that are provided to us, to apply the knowledge we acquired throughout the classes, in a practical context. We can look at society in a different way, grow and help it to grow, help our neighbour, and be drivers of change, for an increase in social inclusion for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable.
Being a Social Education student means benefiting from sharing knowledge, having empathy and an unequalled proximity between colleagues, between teachers, an aspect that stood out even more with the pandemic situation, having seen the quick adaptation and constant concern of the UPT and teachers in providing us with the best possible teaching.
I feel fulfilled in this course, and yes, I delivered and deliver my future in this institution that allows me to grow more and more, that allows me to be autonomous, to be heard and provides me to maintain focus and effort in the face of adversity and dreams. Join us!”


Daniela Rodrigues

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