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Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique is a cooperative higher education and scientific research establishment

Nuno Silva – Testimonial

Entry into higher education is undoubtedly one of the most important stages for all students who want to acquire all the necessary knowledge so that in the future they are properly prepared for the competitiveness and demands of the current labour market. Furthermore, this integration allows university students to achieve personal fulfilment, such as the execution of their own projects, as well as individual growth and the acquisition of Soft-Skills. From an early age, the business side has fascinated me and, as such, the first choice was the Management Course, at Portucalense University, due to its reference at a national and international level. This course is properly structured, is taught by an admirable faculty, contributing to a remarkable teacher – student relationship, a course that can easily perform the transition of students from theoretical to practical component, through the curricular internship provided to students at the end of the degree. After 3 years in this institution that has always provided me with the best conditions, as well as an incomparable academic environment, I finish my degree in the Management Course with the certainty that the choice could not have been better. The fact that the University offers its students a series of possibilities, such as entry into various student bodies, of which I am proud to have been a member, as well as the demand of the course in its theoretical and practical components and the atmosphere of help and collaboration between colleagues, both inside and outside the University, made this period a unique experience. In this way, I must thank Portucalense University for the pleasure I had of being able to represent it, both internally and externally through student bodies, as well as for the personal and professional knowledge it made me acquire over these years, strongly recommending both the Institution and the Management Course.


Nuno Silva

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