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Volunteering Bank

What is it to be a volunteer?

According to the UN, a volunteer is a young person or an adult who, due to personal interest and civic spirit, dedicates part of his or her time, without any remuneration, to various forms of activities, organised or not, in social welfare or other fields.
Volunteering promotes health and well-being, hardly anyone leaves a volunteer job the same way they came in.

Students - Advantages of being a volunteer

Volunteering can bring many benefits to those who practice it, from personal growth to the development of new skills.

Having contact with other realities is an interesting and rich experience, especially for those who will soon start their professional life, since the practice of volunteering improves interpersonal relationships, develops altruistic spirit, empathy, resilience, interculturalism, commitment, collective and social responsibility, among other key competences important for the labour market.

Volunteers mature with every reality they confront and grow by making a difference in someone’s life.

The Volunteering Programme confers certification and can be included in the Diploma Supplement provided that a minimum of 30 hours of volunteering is carried out. When this does not happen, a declaration of participation will be issued.

Who can apply:

Students, faculty, non-teaching staff, alumni and retired employees.

crescer por dentro, de dentro para fora e de fora para growing from the inside out and from the outside in

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