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Ethics and Corportate Social Responsibility 2017/2018

  • 5 ECTS
  • Taught in Portuguese
  • Continuous Assessment


1) Recognize the need for suitable macro and microeconomic sustainability behavior;
2) Acquire the knowledge necessary to critically understand business ethics and corporate social responsibility;
3) Develop sensitivity to the ethical dimension of management and understand the problems associated with the formalization and management of business ethics;
4) Develop skills related to the use of the main instruments of corporate social responsibility and their communication.

Recommended Prerequisites


Teaching Metodology

The teaching methods include lectures, analysis and discussion of dilemmas, cases and current affairs as well as videos and documentaries.

Body of Work

1) Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibility;
2) Relation between Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development;
3) Business ethics and ethical performance management;
4) Corporate Social Responsibility of Organizations and its implementation;
5) Related concepts

Recommended Bibliography

PORTER, M. & KRAMER, M. R., (2011), “The Big Idea: Creating Shared Value”, HBR.
REGO, A., CUNHA, M. P., GUIMARÃES, N., GONÇALVES, H. & CABRAL-CARDOSO, C., (2006), “Gestão ética e socialmente responsável: teoria e prática”. Lisboa. RH Editora
SCHWARTZ, M. S., (2013), “Developing and sustaining an ethical corporate culture: The core elements”, Business Horizons

Complementary Bibliography

BCSD Portugal, (2008), “Do Desafio à Oportunidade – O papel das empresas na sociedade de amanhã”
COMISSÃO EUROPEIA, (2011) “Reponsabilidade social das empresas: uma nova estratégia da UE para o período de 2011-2014”
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Weekly Planning

1st | Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibility;
2nd and 3rd | Relationship between Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development;
4th, 5th, 6th and 7th | Business Ethics and ethical performance management;
8th, 9th, 10th and 11th | Corporate Social Responsibility and its implementation;
12th | Presentation and discussion of papers
13th and 14th | Related concepts
15th | Review and written test

Demonstration of the syllabus coherence with the curricular unit's objectives

Program content is developed according to the learning process, which is tailored to the various parts of the program. As the main objective is the practical application of the theoretical concepts to 'real' cases, the expository method will be alternated with the interrogative, emphasizing the participation of the students, formulating open questions with the objective of developing the critical spirit. We will also use the demonstrative and active methods through the critical analysis and discussion of dilemmas, cases, press articles, videos and documentaries

Demonstration of the teaching methodologies coherence with the curricular unit's objectives

The curricular unit covers the essential topics of Ethics and CSR and provides a critical approach to the management of organizations focused on profit and lack of ethics and social responsibility.
Teaching methods invite active student participation, develop sensitivity to ethical issues, and help students become aware of the importance of ethics and social responsibility in the management of organizations

relevant generic skillimproved?assessed?
Achieving practical application of theoretical knowledgeYesYes
Analytical and synthetic skillsYesYes
Balanced decision makingYes 
Commitment to effectivenessYes 
Cultural awarenessYes 
Ethical and responsible behaviourYesYes
Information and learning managementYesYes
Problem Analysis and AssessmentYes 
Relating to othersYes 
Understanding multiculturalism and valuing diversityYes 
Working in international contextYes 
Written and verbal communications skillsYesYes
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