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Seminars in Hospitality 2017/2018

  • 5 ECTS
  • Taught in Portuguese
  • Continuous Assessment


To know and to evaluate practical cases of different realities and areas of the hospitality industry, proposed by the teacher and properly prepared by the students, in seminars with invited speakers.

Recommended Prerequisites


Teaching Metodology

Participatory follow-up by the teacher to the students in the analisys of case studies and preparation of pertinent and enlightening questions of the area of work for the seminars. Complementary study visits.

Body of Work

Selection and preparation of seminars including the raising of questions to be addressed to entrepreneurs and professionals in the areas of:

1. Management of tourism enterprises in rural areas
2. Golf Management
3. Leisure Areas Management - Resorts
4. Spas and Health Clubs Management
5. Spa and Wellness Areas Management and Hospital Management

Recommended Bibliography


Complementary Bibliography


Weekly Planning

week 1 - Planning of the set of 5 seminars
week 2 - Composition and structure of the reports to be carried out
week 3 - Preparation of the 1st seminar
week 4 - Realization of the 1st seminar
week 5 - Preparation of the 2nd seminar
week 6 - Realization of the 2nd seminar
week 7 - Preparation of the 3th seminar
week 8 - Realization of the 3th seminar
week 9 - Preparation of the 4th seminar
week 10 - Realization of the 4th seminar
week 11 - Preparation of the 5th seminar
week 12 - Realization of the 5th seminar
week 13 - Reports compilation and presentation
week 14 - Final conclusions

Demonstration of the syllabus coherence with the curricular unit's objectives

The contact with the professionals and their experiences in different areas, requires the preparation by the teacher and students of the topics in advance and the collection of relevant information about the functioning of the companies and the market in which they move. The information gathered from these professionals fulfills the purpose of the contact with the area and the specificities of each type of business, to be confirmed and summarized in a report made by the students.

Demonstration of the teaching methodologies coherence with the curricular unit's objectives

The previous research of the themes to prepare for the seminars in a joint work of the teacher and students allows the study accompanied by the themes, according to the objective of the curricular unit. The materialization of the seminars and subsequent report by the students consolidates the evaluation of the results of each seminar. The study visits allow the observation and confirmation of realities described in the seminars.

relevant generic skillimproved?assessed?
Achieving practical application of theoretical knowledge  
Analytical and synthetic skillsYesYes
Balanced decision making  
Commitment to quality  
Ethical and responsible behaviour  
Event organization, planning and managementYesYes
Information and learning management  
Problem Analysis and Assessment  
Relating to othersYesYes
Research skills  
Written and verbal communications skillsYesYes
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