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Digital Marketing 2017/2018

  • 5 ECTS
  • Taught in Portuguese
  • Continuous Assessment


This class objectives are the theoretical and strategic knowledge about brand communication and managing in the digital environment.
Students should be able to understand how does the online works and the relationship in between users and brands; be able to create new business developing strategies based on digital economy, plan a digital marketing campaign, describe brand identity defining its marketing positioning and choose the right tools to
develop the best online branding strategies.
In the end students will be able to develop a digital marketing strategic project.

Recommended Prerequisites


Teaching Metodology

The teaching method is designed to provide students the required knowledge that allows them to produce a digital marketing plan.
This subject is divided in theoretical and practical sessions.
Progression evaluation is a continuous method based on:
- Several practical works during the course;
- Final project presentation and defense;
- Final exam.

Body of Work

Digital marketing: introduction and concepts
Marketing Planning
Online Consumer
Brand and Digital Branding
Mobile Marketing
E-commerce e Social Commerce
Search Engine Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Media and Digital Platforms

Recommended Bibliography

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Complementary Bibliography


Weekly Planning

Digital marketing: introduction and concepts

Marketing Planning

Online Consumer

Brand and Digital Branding: offline

Brand and Digital Branding: online


Social commerce

Social Media

Digital Platforms

Search Engine Marketing

Content Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Trabalho Final - Apresentação

Demonstration of the syllabus coherence with the curricular unit's objectives

Knowledge about marketing and digital marketing theories, strategies and tools, allows students to brand manage in the online environment using the best options, promoting their brand success. The final work is of particular importance in this process, since it allows students to apply all the knowledge acquired and have a
close experience of what could be a real project in the area of digital marketing strategy.

Demonstration of the teaching methodologies coherence with the curricular unit's objectives

The theroyc and practic lessons are to served for reaching the objectives b), c), e).

The analise of practic exemples of cases will allow to reaching the objective a).

The mini reports will allow to reaching the objective d).

relevant generic skillimproved?assessed?
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