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Guide for ICM Incoming Staff

Before mobility

Mobility period

The dates for the teaching/training program must be agreed between the grant’s holder, the host and the home institution, within the contract. Those dates will be used as reference for the grant’s payment.

Teaching/Training agreement

The teacher/member of staff should send the teaching/training agreement to UPT’s international relations office (IRO), by email, after the approval and signature of sending institution.

For teachers, it is mandatory to lecture at least 8 hours.

Insurance (health, accident and travel)

It is up HE institution from partner country to decide the terms of insurance which vary from country to country, valid during the entire mobility period. Brazil in particular has made an agreement with Portugal called PB4 that allows Brazilian citizens to have access to Portuguese health service by paying as much as national citizens under the same circumstances. Further information available here: As to other countries students should get a health assurance too. The teacher/member of staff is responsible for getting his/her insurance.


The requirement of Visa is a high priority issue since the process may take several weeks or months to be concluded. Immediately after receiving the confirmation of the selection, the teacher/member of staff must contact the Consulate or Embassy of the host country to request information about all the needed documents. . In order to obtain the Visa, the teacher/member of staff will need the insurance and the acceptance letter provided by UPT. Reimbursement will be conditioned to presentation of copy of receipt/invoice of the Visa arranged by the teacher/member of staff.

Travel Expenses

The financial support allocated for travel expenses consists of a unit cost that will be paid along with the scholarship and intends to contribute to the round trip back between the home and host institutions. The teacher/member of staff is responsible for arranging the travel ticket. Reimbursement will be conditioned to presentation of copy of receipt/invoice of the ticket arranged by the teacher/member of staff.

Travel distance

Amount Partner country
Between 4000 and 7999 Km  820€ per participant  Brazil
8000 Km or more  1100€ per participant  China

Subsistence allowance

Scholarship for teaching/training mobility is 120€ per diem.

The payment of the scholarship shall be made to the participant no later than 30 calendar days after the signature of the contract by both parties, representing 100% of the financial support from Erasmus+.

Mandatory documentation

To be sent to UPT:

  • Teaching/training agreement
  • Application form provided by UPT;

To be asked to UPT:

  • Acceptance letter (which is vital for the visa process) issued by the coordinator of ICM project , stating that the teacher/member of staff has been accepted at the host institution for a determined period of mobility, under Erasmus+ programme.

End of mobility

The original certificate of attendance will be given to the teacher/member of staff with the dates of the days of mobility.

The mobility dates within the certificate of attendance must be in line with the ones established in the contract.

The teacher/member of staff in mobility shall receive an invitation to complete the online EU Survey after the mobility abroad within 30 calendar days .

Incoming ICM teacher/member of staff must also fills the UPT’s questionnaire for monitoring his/her mobility at UPT.

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