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Chapel of Our Lady of Ó

Built in the sixteenth century, the Chapel was rebuilt in the eighteenth century. Initially, the patron saint of the chapel was Our Lady of Mercy. The invocation of Our Lady of the "O" starts after the demolition of the wall in 1821, where the image of Our Lady of Ó was originally depicted. The image was transferred to this chapel. This is a theory developed by various authors thus justifying the change of name of the chapel.

The building was the victim of Liberal fights that destroyed and forced remodeling. Inside, there is an altarpiece carved in the early century. XVIII, by João da Costa.

It is located in Ribeira, by the river, near the Infante house, the square of Ribeira, “Palácio do Bolsa” (Stock Exchange Palace) churches of St. Francis and St. Nicholas and Ferreira Borges market.

The altarpiece from the early eighteenth century was made by João da Costa. It has an image of Our Lady of O on the right of the altar and the image of Our Lady of Mercy in the centre.

Duration of the guided tour - 15minutes

Open only by prior appointment.

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