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St. Nicholas Church

Rebuilt in 1762 in a classic and baroque style, the church was designed by Friar Manuel de Jesus Maria. In the façade there is the image of the patron – St. Nicholas. The altarpiece was designed by Friar Manuel Jesus Monteiro and the mobile altar painting, depicting the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, is attributed to João Glama Stroberle.

In the sacristy there are several valuable works, including pieces of jewellery from Domingos Sousa Coelho. (Cabeças & D'Ara 2003).

It is located in Ribeira, by the river, near the Infante house, the Ribeira square, “Palácio do Bolsa” churches of St. Francis, Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Ó and market Ferreira Borges.

This Church is the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Saint-Eloi, patron saint of gold- and silversmiths in Oporto. This Brotherhood even has a private altar. Among the reference works, we must highlight the image of St. Nicholas, the magnificent gilded, rococo style altar which houses the painting of João Glama Strobelle.

Altar-mor da Igreja de S. Nicolau. Pintura central de João Glama Stroberle


Worship times: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 7pm; Sunday at 9.15 am

Religious Feasts: Our Lady of Ó on the 3rd weekend of September; St Nicholas on the 6th of December; St Elói on the 1st Sunday of December; Night Procession of Our Lady of Fátima on the 13th of May; Stations of the Cross on the Tuesday before Easter.

Duration of the guided tour - 15minutes

Opening hours:

Monday and Wednesday to Saturday – 9am to 12am and 4pm to 8pm

Sunday – 9am to 11am

Tuesday – Closed

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