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Portucalense University Infante D. Henrique, UPT, is a private higher education institution, created in June of 1986, located in Porto. UPT is organized in five Departments: Law, Psychology and Education, Economics and Management, Science and Technology, Tourism, Heritage and Culture, that teaches 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle courses and post graduations, structured according to the Bologna Process. UPT aims to be a model in higher education, taking the advantages of the different department’s synergies. More than acquiring theoretical knowledge, the students have the chance to develop practical work and research projects, developing different kinds of skills that prepare them for jobs in future career and for living in a competitive global society.ver mais

It is our mission to ensure quality education at the highest standards of excellence in the relevant disciplines, in order to educate fully competent professionals and socially responsible citizens. Students are our priority and the formation we provide aims to equip all our graduates with a first-rate professional education and to enhance the development of individual potentialities and personal and professional competences.

In order to achieve these objectives, courses are structured so as to respond flexibly to changing labor market needs, through various teaching methods empirically based on significant case studies whenever applicable. UPT also makes available to students forms of personalized tutorial assistance intended to complement and support purely class-based instruction. UPT has its own dedicated staff, fully qualified, research-active and highly motivated by a spirit of constant self-improvement. We also count on the input of practicing professionals from different industrial and commercial sectors, through the medium of guest seminars on various themes, thereby promoting its relationships with the corporate world with the goal of preparing students for future professional demands.

It is also our priority to promote and maintain relationships with overseas universities with which we have partnerships, and to extend further our network both in Europe and other countries. UPT is enthusiastically committed to a system of educational visits and exchanges, every year hosting visits from professors of European universities that are in turn reciprocated by departmental faculty. It has thriving Erasmus links and receives numbers of students through this scheme as well as from other non-European countries.

UPT has a wide and modern campus in the Asprela University zone. It is well-known for high technological innovation level. The several computation laboratories are available 24h a day with wireless net over the campus which makes access to information easier, contributing to the personal and scientific development of the students. There are different areas in the campus: not only the Library that invites the students to study and reflection, but also the bookshop, forum, canteen, bars, in and outdoor cafés and parks for leisure and social contact.


The Portuguese University System

(*) Except when in order to exercise a certain professional activity requiring education and training rating between 210 and 240 ECTS.

(**) In exceptional circumstances, and subject to the fulfillment of every requirement relating to the definition of the objectives of the degree and the conditions for acquiring the latter, a cycle of studies leading to a Mestre degree in a specialized field may be amount 60 credits resulting from a stable and consolidated practice in that specific field at international level.

(***) A Mestre degree may also be granted following an integrated cycle of studies of which the duration, for the purposes of obtaining access to a professional activity, a)is established by European Union regulations; and b)results from a regular and consolidated practice within the European Union; in such cases, a Licenciado degree is granted to students having obtained 180 ECTS (3 years, 6 semesters).

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Vice Rector for Mobility

António Ferrão Filipe


International Institutional Coordinator

Raquel Oliveira


International Relations Office

Susana Correia da Silva



Susana Carvalho




International Department Coordinators

Isabel Miguel

Department of Psychology and Education


Ana Clara Amorim

Department of Law


Mónica Azevedo

Department of Economics and Management


Isabel Seruca

Department of Science and Technology


Fátima Matos da Silva

Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture



 International Relations Office

 +351 225 572 134

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 +351 225 572 010


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