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Outgoing Students Mobility to State University of New York - Potsdam

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Since I came to the United States of America I have had amazing times, I have met new people who have helped me a lot, my English has improved a lot too and I have learned a lot about this new culture. It has been a great experience and even with the ups and downs has led me to excellent opportunities for the future and I deeply appreciate the opportunity to be here. All the efforts needed to make this project possible were worthwhile. Beatriz Soares




My name is Bruno Teixeira and I am one of the students from UPT University that is studying in the United States of America. The University that I am currently studying, thanks to the program ERAMUS+, is called SUNY Potsdam. This University, located in New York state, is quite big and it is a great place to get knowledge. The amount of work that hey give us here is quite intensive, but I have learned a lot from the experience that I am having here so far, and I am enjoying it. The infrastructures are amazing. It snows a lot, but the residences are big and warm. There are three restaurants to choose from to eat and this University has its own gym and swimming pool. Everybody is kind in this University, and I have made a lot of friends. This is being a great experience in my life, and I will never forget these moments



I am a student of Hospitality Management at the University Portucalense and I am studying in the United States at SUNY Potsdam University in the ICM program. It has been a fantastic experience, very different minds from what I was used to in Portugal, different teaching methods and above all the requirement is much higher but all the teachers and students welcomed me and it is paying off! I strongly advise anyone interested in this experience because it will surely change the way the world comes! Pedro Pinho



Incoming Students Mobility from State University of New York - Potsdam

First welcome day of Erasmus+ ICM Incoming students from SUNY, 11 Set. 2019


Cara Aguirre, estudante Erasmus+ ICM Incoming, da SUNY, E.U.A., a realizar mobilidade de estudos por 3 meses, encontra-se a estagiar na Quinta do Noval, uma das entidades parceiras da Universidade Portucalense. O acolhimento de turistas na Quinta do Noval tem sido feito também desde Setembro e até Novembro pela estudante norte-americana do estado de Nova Iorque.



Incoming Staff Mobility from the University of New York- Potsdam”

Gregory Gardner, professor da State University of New York, Potsdam (SUNY), Estados Unidos da América, coordenador do UPT ICM 2018-2020 na SUNY, foi um dos convidados do seminário “Wine Culture and Climate Change”, que se realizou no dia 30 de setembro de 2019.

Artigo de opinião por Prof. Gregory Gardner, Out.2019




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