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Degree in Economics

Course Curriculum 2018/2019

1st Year, 1st SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Corporate Organization44545
Economical Law44545
Economics and Management Analysis Techniques46060
General Accounting67575

1st Year, 2nd SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Corporate Planning54545
Financial Accounting54545
Information and Knowledge Society3
Microeconomic Analysis of Markets66060

2nd Year, 1st SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Analytical Accounting54545
Corporate Finance54545
Industrial Economics and Regulation54545
Monetary and Financial Economics54545
Quantitative Methods6453075
Taxation Law44545

2nd Year, 2nd SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Financial and Project Analysis66060
Financial Markets54545
International Commerce54545
Management Accounting44545
Public Economics66060

3rd Year, 1st SemesterCurricular Unit (choose 1 of 2 optionals)ECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Economic Development54545
European Economics54545
Urban and Regional Economics54545
optionalApplied Computing54545

3rd Year, 2nd SemesterCurricular Unit (choose 2 of 4 optionals)ECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Economic Policy54545
Innovation Economics and Management54545
International Business Management54545
International Finance54545
optionalBanking Economics54545
optionalHealth Economics54545
optionalMobility and Transports Economics54545
optionalPortuguese Economics54545

Contact hours will be available soon.

Note: The available optional courses are defined annually by the faculty.

Other information

No 5º semestre o estudante deverá escolher uma unidade curricular opcional, de qualquer área científica, lecionada no 1º Ciclo.

No 6º semestre o estudante deverá escolher duas unidades curriculares opcionais da área científica de Economia, também lecionadas no 1º Ciclo.

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