Como chegar

Deadline for nomination and submission of application:

1st semester: 30th June

2nd semester: 30th November

Admission procedures

  1. Prior to their arriving to UPT, Incoming Students should send by e-mail the following documents:
    • one scanned photo;
    • a copy of the transcript of records;
    • a copy of the identification card or passport;
    • the application form duly signed and stamped:
  2. When they arrive to UPT, Incoming Students should also give a copy of the European health card and the learning agreement duly signed and stamped.

Academic Calendar 2017/2018

First Semester  all departments except Law Law department
International Welcome Aperitif           18th September (2 pm)
Classes for 1st year courses 19th September 2017 to 6th January 2018
Classes for 2nd, 3rd and 4th years courses 11th September to 21th December 
Christmas holidays 21st December to 1st January 
Exams for 1st year courses 10th January to 3rd February 10th January to 10th February
Exams for 2nd, 3rd and 4th years courses 3rd January to 3rd February 3rd January to 10th February
Publication of assessment results Till 23th February
Second Semester All departments except Law Law department
International Welcome Aperitif 5th February  (2 pm)
Classes 6th February  to 2nd June 14th February to 9thJune
Carnival holidays 12th and 13th February
Easter holidays 26th March to 3rd April
"Queima das Fitas"(Portuguese for “Ribbon Burning”)- traditional festivity of students 7th to 11th May
Exams (including resit exams) 5th June to 16th July 12th June to 25th July
Publication of assessment results Till 27th July
Exams for last year students 10th to 28th  September


SMP students have to subscribe a scholar insurance prior to the beginning of their placement at Portuguese companies. This insurance will cover: Absolute temporary capacity for work due to accident or illness; Involuntary Unemployment; Hospitalization. When arriving at UPT, students must fill a declaration of adhesion and pay 25 Euros to be covered by the insurance.

Course Catalogue



Please note that lectures are given in Portuguese. However tutorial support in English is given in most of the curricular units. Besides, assessment is also carried out in English.

Rules and Regulations



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