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Degree in Management and Information Systems

Course Curriculum 2017/2018

1st Year, 1st SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Corporate Organization54545
Economics and Management Analysis Techniques46060
General Accounting67575
Portuguese Language Laboratory3301545

1st Year, 2nd SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Corporate Planning54545
Financial Accounting54545
Information and Knowledge Society3301545
Information Systems6303060

2nd Year, 1st SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Analytical Accounting54545
Computer Programming Fundamentals4154560
Corporate Finance54545
Information Systems Development6303060
New Trends in IT44545
Quantitative Methods67575

2nd Year, 2nd SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Business Modeling4154560
Database Fundamentals6304575
Financial and Project Analysis66060
Infrastructures and Organizational Technologies4153045
Integrated Systems5154560
Web Technologies5154560

3rd Year, 1st SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Decision Support Systems522.5307.560
Human Resources Management54545
Security Management in Information Systems5303060
Strategic Management54545

3rd Year, 2nd SemesterCurricular Unit (choose 1 of 2 optionals)ECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Business Project Management44545
Commercial Management54545
Information Systems Project Management4303060
Management Control54545
optionalDigital Marketing32727
optionalInternet of Things34545

Contact hours will be available soon.

Note: The available optional courses are defined annually by the faculty.

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